Never Quit

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  1. Denise Evans says:

    You are a gift and a blessing to us who read your words, messages, thoughts, feelings, triumphs, and shared inspirations. I’m sharing this with all my grandsons who are sports enthusiasts and need to see the correlation to all things they do in life. I admire your family and find them so refreshing for the zest for life, the love you show one to another, and the joy you find in the simple things. In a tough world you are a beacon of light and hope! Laughs too!

  2. Ashley Packer says:

    Love this, Caleb! Our Rigby boys were rooting for Madison in their consultation game and for Hillcrest in the 4A championship game! While our teams might be rivals on the court, I am certain that they cheer each other on when we are not in direct competition. So many wonderful life lessons are learned through sports! I am personally very grateful my boys have had the opportunity to be involved in sports and have had such great roll models as coaches!

  3. Thank you so much for penning this. I would love for my boys to have this spirit and put in the effort no matter the outcome! I will be sharing this with my older son Aedyn and I hope it will inspire him as much as it inspires me to go and work hard and show up and be consistent! Thank you Coach Cabe for coaching all of us!

  4. Olivia says:

    Love this also Caleb. Also a huge congratulations to your nephews on winning the state championship.
    Let’s go cooper and Kobe I think that’s his name.

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