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  1. Alyssa says:

    I love your story. Such a great reminder to follow your heart.

  2. Faith H. says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story and beautiful family with us! Your family and their smiles bring so much joy to me daily. Congratulations!!

  3. You guys!! This is so exciting. It’s awesome that you are leaving your childhood home on your terms, after doing some amazing work to it🙌🏽 Can’t wait to see the next chapter!

  4. Judith says:

    Wow I’m so excited for you! The memories you made as a child and with your own children will never ever be forgotten. New phases are healthy and help us grow! Can’t wait to see the new place!

  5. Corine says:

    This post! So so beautiful! Allllll the feelings. Oh man. Excited for you guys to make new memories in your new home!

  6. Connie says:

    I live in my childhood home too! For 57 years!! My husband and I are TRYING to move but every house we want gets sold before we can even make an offer! It’s insane. I wish you many happy years in you’re new home!

  7. Lindsay R. says:

    So excited for you guys!! As hard as it is to leave a childhood house behind, you will be creating a unique and special childhood home for your kiddos that’s all their own! As always, can’t wait to follow along on this fun journey with y’all!

  8. Karen says:

    So very excited for all of you! Love watching your Insta … always makes me smile, except for those occasional tears.

  9. Karen says:

    i love you guys through all your tik toks & IG posts, i don’t even know how i found you guys, but i’m prettry sure it was through tik tok. Wishing you all the best in your new home.. Enjoy the memories you’ll be making and i’m sure we’ll laugh with you along the way!

  10. Bing V says:

    This is so meaningful and beautifully said. Congrats on your new home!

  11. Bobbi says:

    What a beautiful story! Family is the most important thing and as long as you are together and happy
    No matter where you live you will be Home!
    Best of Luck to your family!

  12. How exciting! Congrats on making the move and listening to your gut. Change is never easy in the moment but I’m sure it will all be great!

  13. Hallie says:

    How exciting! Congrats on making the move and listening to your gut. Change is never easy in the moment but I’m sure it will all be great!

  14. Melissa says:

    Such a beautiful story! You are my favorite couple I follow on insta! #marriagegoals #familygoals Sometimes I end up in tears laughing! Best of luck to you! I can’t wait to follow along with your next chapter!

  15. Cortney says:

    Such a great story. Even though it’s your childhood, I feel so sad you’re moving. But now, a new family will make the memories you did and love it just as much as you. Can’t wait to see your next adventure! Congrats!

  16. Gloria says:

    We need to always keep our hands open and never have such a tight grip on anything. So excited for this new adventure in your family’s life.
    Gods speed

  17. Donna Webb says:

    What a beautiful story! I absolutely love following your BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! Best wishes in your new home. Can’t wait to follow along!

  18. Janie says:

    A new adventure, congrats!

  19. Casey Annunzio says:

    I couldn’t adore your family more….. thank you for sharing such intimate details and your Father would be so proud of the life you and Kelsi created, no matter where you guys lay your heads.✨

    P.S. my kiddos love the workout playlist

  20. Heather says:

    Do NOT tempt me!! We love that area and have considered moving to Idaho. Know anyone hiring an experienced CNC Machinist??! 😂

  21. Jodie says:

    It is such a joy to be let into your home, thank you for sharing your story with us! Congrats on the next chapter!

  22. Jennifer Fox says:

    Change is healthy and exciting. You are giving a gift to a new family to make memories in that home.

    Best of luck!

  23. Holly says:

    I can tell this is a great home because your videos and posts emanate love and pride and homey comfort you have created. I’m sure the next chapter will be just as wonderful and can’t wait to see it!

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